whitr (whitr) wrote in coloradoavs,

Dear Avs,

Look, we were all excited by the trade deadline deals. We're all really hopeful that you'll not only make it into the playoffs but that you'll make it pretty far into the run. So, we're all begging you, can you just not get hurt anymore. Light candles, wear new socks, change warm-up music, dance around counter-clockwise in three circles, sacrifice babies (ok, not so much on that one) or something. Stop picking fights with guys who are bigger than you even if it is to stand up for your team mates... just take the high-road and make fun of his momma. stay away from the partitions and padded bits at the boards and generally, knock off the post game nookie while still on skates. it's murder on the groin. we want to support you, really we do. so, for us, can ya make it through a game with a full bench?



Your fans.
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