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Fallen Avalanche Players Memorial [09 Sep 2011|10:51am]

As most of you hockey fans know, this off-season has been very tragic.
The Avalanche organization has lost three former players. Wade Belak due to suicide, and Katlis Skrastins and Ruslan Salei in the plane crash that killed most of the Kontinental Hockey League's Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team.
The Avalanche Guild is holding a memorial tomorrow (Saturday) from 10am till dusk outside of the Pepsi Center entrance.
If you are interested in paying your respects to these players, there is more information behind the cut.

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My Trucks Been Stolen!! I Need Help! [15 Jul 2011|02:25am]
[ mood | I am F***ing Pissed! ]

Look I know this is random but Please just read: On 7/5/11 my Blue 1986 GMC Sierra 1500 Classic truck was stolen. And since ya live in Colorado please help me find it (or by now parts of it). It's Blue with stainless trim and has a 4" lift placing at 7' 2" tall it also has really shiny Bridgestone Dueler tires with mag rims. It's got diamond plate bumpers as well with a Lawrenceburg Tennessee back licsense plate and a John Deere front license plate. Two big things are a confederate flag roof liner and a confederate flag G M C on the windshield. Contact me at: incaseofspammail@googlemail.com. Thanks and I Want Justice.

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Avalanche 2009 - 2010 tickets [09 Nov 2009|07:29am]

I know that I've posted about this before, but once again I have some extra tickets that I don't want to go to waste.
I have Avalanche season tickets, and when I bought them they had a deal going on and we ended up with four season tickets instead of the two we needed/wanted. That leaves me with two extra tickets to every game. On Saturday November 14 the Avalanche take on the Vancouver Canucks at 8pm at the Pepsi Center and I still have my upper level tickets available. I'm looking to sell them for $30 for the pair. If you're interested and respond before I go to work tomorrow (Tuesday Nov 10...I'll leave around 8:30am), I can FedEx you the tickets at no extra charge as long as you use PayPal to purchase the tickets. Otherwise I could meet you on Saturday in front of the Pepsi Center before the game. If you're interested, please respond here, send me a message on LJ, or an email (my email address is included under the cut).
Also, I'm looking to sell all four of my tickets to the Avalanche vs. the Nashville Predators on November 25 at 7pm. My husband and I are going up to Grand Junction to spend Thanksgiving with our families for the first time in a couple years since we used to live out of state, and it just doesn't make sense for us to try to drive over there after the game. If you want to purchase all four tickets, I'll sell them for $140 and include a Lot A VIP parking pass. If you just want the lower levels I'll sell those for $120 for the pair and include the parking pass. If you'd prefer the upper levels, I'll sell those for $30 (parking pass not included). Additionally, I will FedEx the tickets to you at no extra charge if you pay me with PayPal, otherwise we could plan on meeting up sometime before the game.
Please let me know if you're interested in any of these tickets, or if you're interested in any other games than the ones I mentioned above - the details are under the cut.

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[22 Sep 2009|08:34am]

I have season tickets for the Colorado Avalanche, and they were offering a special so I ended up with four season tickets instead of the two I was originally planning for. This leaves me with two extra tickets to every game. I have two tickets to the Avs pre-season game on Wednesday Sept 23 at 7pm against the LA Kings. I'm looking to sell these tickets for $10 for the pair (they retail for $23 a piece), so if you're interested, please let me know. They are in Section 322, Row 11, Seats 21 & 22. Also, if you're interested in going to any other games, please let me know and I'll give you the details.
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Good bye Joe [09 Jul 2009|03:46pm]

Thanks for the memories!
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[13 May 2008|03:04am]

I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet, but...

See ya later, Q!

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[26 Apr 2008|04:06pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Damn Peter Forsberg's groin!

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[14 Apr 2008|11:53pm]

Just got home from the game and, uh yeahh...

Some interesting calls tonight.

Thoughts on the game?
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1st round [06 Apr 2008|12:39pm]

OK, kids... what do you think about who we'd like to face in he 1st round of the playoffs? San Jose or Minnesota?
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Dear Avs, [13 Mar 2008|06:21pm]

Look, we were all excited by the trade deadline deals. We're all really hopeful that you'll not only make it into the playoffs but that you'll make it pretty far into the run. So, we're all begging you, can you just not get hurt anymore. Light candles, wear new socks, change warm-up music, dance around counter-clockwise in three circles, sacrifice babies (ok, not so much on that one) or something. Stop picking fights with guys who are bigger than you even if it is to stand up for your team mates... just take the high-road and make fun of his momma. stay away from the partitions and padded bits at the boards and generally, knock off the post game nookie while still on skates. it's murder on the groin. we want to support you, really we do. so, for us, can ya make it through a game with a full bench?



Your fans.
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Best Week Ever pokes fun @ Forsberg... [07 Mar 2008|03:42pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

I don't know weather to laugh or feel a bit insulted by this but I found it on Best Week Ever's blog.

there's one entry in their blog that reads:

Meet Peter Forsberg, the world’s fattest hockey player.

you click on the link and it takes you to a video where these two guys poke fun at Foopa returning to the Avs, 1 guy interviews the "Fat Foopa" & the other guy plays the "Fat Foopa" sitting on a couch pigging out on chips and Pizza.

if you find this video more insulting then I did, as for me I didn't find the video funny.

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Foote update [07 Mar 2008|11:18am]

Hey all,

Thanks for your comments on my post last night. I asked Adrian Dater on his blog last night whether he had a Foote update. In his next post he responded thusly:

Adam Foote appears to be fine. He didn’t play the last several minutes of the third, but was on the bench by game’s end and would have played had the game gone to OT.
I think he was hurt some from a blocked shot, but don’t have that confirmed. I said hi to him on the way out of the building, and he appeared to be in a pain-free, ambulatory state.
Good news for fans of Foote!
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Foote? [06 Mar 2008|11:41pm]

What a huge, great win for the Avs over a seriously tough and balanced Anaheim club.

Foote left the game halfway through the third and I didn't see him come back, but none of the postgame wraps I've been reading have addressed it. I also didn't see the injury happen, which is probably good (i.e. you could hardly have missed Smyth's exit a couple games ago). I couldn't see any postgame coverage because I don't live in Colorado and have to watch games on Center Ice, which cuts out after the game broadcast ends.

Does anyone know what happened and how bad it may be?
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[05 Mar 2008|07:31am]

  The Avs won last night. YAY! It was Forseberg's first game, but he didn't get any points. I'm happy he was at least in the lineup.
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[26 Feb 2008|12:29pm]


The Avs just picked up Adam Foote from the Blue Jackets.

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[25 Feb 2008|05:08pm]

Forsberg's going back to the Avs
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[07 Sep 2007|12:25pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

For anyone on here wondering when the Avs will unveil their new sweaters, its this coming wednesday and according to Dater of the Post, there are no significant changes.


Also, Lappy has been signed to a one year extension, which will mean he'll be here until the end of the 08-09 season.

Oh, and rookie camp starts on Saturday and training camp starts on the 13th with health checks and goes until the 15th.

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! [03 Jul 2007|09:04am]

No, kids, Christmas isn't coming early this year but free agency season is upon us and our beloved team is getting Ryan Smyth and Scott Hannan, both on long-term deals. Rejoice! If we don't make the playoffs next season, I'll be mildly suprised to say the least...
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[28 Jun 2007|05:31am]


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News of the Avalanche [24 Jun 2007|03:14pm]


Just had to post and say yah to the Avalanche for resigning Tyler Arnason! I thought he did really well this past season and glad to see that he will be back! Also somewhat excited about McCormick, I thought he played well.

Links about the signings:
Signing Arnason
Signing McCormick and Guite

Any thoughts about Theodore??? Rumours say he will be back... ick. The Avalanche really need a good goalie!! Peter Budaj is decent usually... but Theodore is a mess.

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